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The Real Value Of Your Home is Based On Facts

Your Realtor should show you the facts regarding the price your home will sell for. The most revealing fact is the prices buyers have been willing to pay for homes similar to yours. These are called “Comparable Sales” and are available to every Realtor here in our area.

Don’t select your Realtor based on the price they say your home will sell for. Remember the Realtor you choose isn’t planning on buying your home – your Realtor is responsible for selling your home. Unfortunately, a homeowner will often select the Realtor who quotes the highest price. Sometimes a Realtor who understands this will be far too optimistic about the price of the home.

Often , the Realtor who is willing to list your house at the highest price is often the least likely to get your home sold for top dollar. A Realtor who takes an overpriced listing either through lack of information or by plan quickly begins to work on you to get a series of steep price cuts. The problem, besides your frustration and feelings of betrayal, is that all the other Realtors quickly decide your home is an “overpriced property” and won’t even consider showing it. You have to cut your price well below fair market value just to get the Realtors to think of it as a good value.

The result is it takes longer to sell and gets you less money!

The secret to getting the most money and the quickest sale with the fewest problems is to price your home properly. The facts are available and they are clear and indisputable. The best way to select your Realtor is to find the person with the best strategy for marketing your home.

Be sure to ask for recommendations and testimonials from other clients. A Realtor with a strong and unique marketing plan along with the backing of comments and recommendations from former clients means much more than a weak attempt at flattery by way of an inflated asking price estimate.

I will research the market looking for comparable sales and a look at what the current competition is. I will make this information available to you in a "Seller’s Orientation Book” which talks about a number of issues in selling, a review of my marketing plan and most importantly this Market Evaluation showing you where your property fits in the current marketplace.

Fred Adams
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