Corvallis Market Conditions

Shape of the Current Market: Fall 2019

As fall rolls around our selling season normally picks up a bit from a slight slowdown at the end of summer and moves well up to the holidays.

Notice I said normally! The last few years have not always followed the predicted norms. My guess is that this fall into winter will be the same as the preceding. Sales are holding up to be statistically comparable to last year which leads me to think that is the same direction we are headed. 

Economists are mixed on whether we are headed for an economic slowdown and there exists a mixed bag of evidence of whether that is to be expected. What is uniform in those projections is that it should not be of any major significance to the real estate market like the last one. In fact, it might even help keep the housing sector strong through the continuation of very attractive interest rates. Only on the far fringes do you hear echoes of a” housing bubble” and honestly, I think that is just said to garner attention.

Fred Adams