Corvallis Market Conditions

Shape of the Current Market: Mid-Winter 2020

The market continues to be robust. I think most in the industry hoped it would calm down just a bit but that doesn’t seem to be the case. If a home is priced competitively it should sell within a week or two at most. If the home is somehow unique or has some specific element that makes it appear to a more narrow market it may take it a little longer. As an example Steve and I were involved in a multiple offer situation this week. I lost track of just how many offers there were but in the end it took an offer $75,000 over list price!! Incredible!

History would lead us to believe that we are about due for a recession and I know there are many pundits out there who hint that could be the case but there are just as many who say that the indicators just don’t line up to that inevitability.  Sooooo, take your pick, pessimist or optimist there are published views to back either.

In either event there is no evidence that I have seen or heard that would make one think we might be in for one like the last one. If it took place it would more likely be the mild, correction type of adjustment.

Fred Adams